City revises laws to prepare for emergencies

Chen Huizhi
Shanghai's legislature revises 12 regulations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic so that the city is better prepared for any future public health emergencies.
Chen Huizhi

In emergencies, tourism operators must suspend business or take other measures ordered by the government, according to the latest revision of the city's tourism regulation passed on Thursday.

The standing committee of the Shanghai People's Congress, the city’s legislature, revised 12 regulations in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak so the city can be more prepared for emergencies.

Under the revised rules, operators must stop selling certain products, close tourist spots, and restrict numbers or take health protection measures when emergencies occur.

Likewise, commodity markets must close, restrict access or take health protection measures if required to do so.

The rules also state that staff in Metro stations and on buses must take measures to protect their health in public health emergencies, with trains and buses cleaned and disinfected.

According to a revised first aid rule, the government should ensure a certain number of special purpose ambulances and an appropriate distribution of ambulances in different parts of the city.

For an efficient reaction to emergencies at the city’s ports, government departments administering ports are required to make and improve contingency plans, while businesses running ports are required to report to the government their evacuation and rescue plans and plans for public health emergencies.

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