Summer arrives early with hotter days ahead

Ke Jiayun
Shanghai's weather bureau predicts more rain, higher temperatures and stronger storms with rainfall during the upcoming flood season likely to reach 850 millimeters.
Ke Jiayun

The city entered summer earlier this year with more rain, hotter days and stronger storms forecast, the Shanghai weather bureau announced on Friday.

May 11 is considered the first day of summer as the following five days had an average temperature above 22 degrees Celsius.

Summer generally arrives on May 29, according to bureau data.

Rainfall during the flood season could reach 850 millimeters, the bureau said, compared with the usual 684 millimeters.

The plum rain season is likely to arrive in mid-June and will last about a month, a bit longer than before. Rainfall will be 190 to 310 millimeters, compared with the usual 243.1 millimeters.

Two to three typhoons are expected to affect the city this summer and they will be stronger than last year’s.

Average temperatures during the flood season are expected to be around 27 degrees compared with the usual 26.5 degrees. The number of days with a high of 35 degrees and above will be between 11 and 21, compared with the usual 15 days. Three to seven of these days will see highs above 37 degrees Celsius.

This weekend will be wet and hot. The maximum temperature on Saturday and Sunday will be 29 to 30 degrees with showers at times.

Monday will still see a few showers in the afternoon but Tuesday will be dry.

The remainder of the week will be dry with temperatures ranging from 19 to 31 degrees.

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