First to third graders in city set to return to class on June 2

Yang Meiping
Online courses will continue on cable TV and the internet till the end of the semester.
Yang Meiping

First to third graders will be able to return to primary schools in Shanghai on June 2, the city’s Education Commission announced on Saturday.

The commission said online courses will continue on cable TV and the internet till the end of the semester. The parents of Grade 1 to 3 students can opt to have their children remain at home.

Local public kindergartens and nurseries will also reopen on June 2, while private centers can choose dates for re-opening from June 2 after receiving approval from their district education bureaus.

The commission said parents can decide for themselves whether to send their children back to kindergartens. If they choose to keep their children at home, the kindergartens will reserve their places.

It added that all schools and child-care facilities should make preparations according to government guidance, ensure preventive supplies, arrange drills for emergency management, and train students and parents on physical and psychological health measures.

Only centers that meet the requirements and pass inspections will be able to reopen.

Local schools and kindergartens had remained closed after the winter vacation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some older students have returned to  campuses in two batches.

The first batch – the ninth and 12th graders who will graduate soon – returned on April 27 and the second batch – the eighth and 11th – returned on May 6. The third batch – the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and 10th graders – will return on Monday.

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