Family doctors praised for contribution to local healthcare

Cai Wenjun
In Shanghai, this year's World Family Doctor Day is honoring their contribution in the fight against the coronavirus at the grassroots level.
Cai Wenjun

Some 6,600 family doctors play an important role in the city’s healthcare system through offering routine health management and direction at the grassroots level, said local health officials on Tuesday, which marks the World Family Doctor Day.

This year’s World Family Doctor Day is also honoring their contribution in the fight against the coronavirus.

All 246 neighborhood health centers in Shanghai continued operating during the novel coronavirus epidemic and their service volume accounted for 70 percent of the city's total during that period, according to Wu Jinglei, director of Shanghai Health Commission.

“Many residents received timely and effective guidance from family doctors at the health centers,” Wu said. “The 34 fever clinics and 200 fever surveillance clinics at neighborhood health centers were effective in fever patient identification, monitoring and transfer.”

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