Details released on coronavirus patient from Wuhan

Ke Jiayun
A 47-year-old woman who accompanied her husband to Shanghai has been confirmed with infection and hospitalized. She showed no signs of illness prior to arrival in the city.
Ke Jiayun

A 47-year-old woman from Wuhan, Hubei Province, who accompanied her husband for medical treatment in Shanghai was confirmed with coronavirus infection on Wednesday morning and has been hospitalized.

According to Zheng Jin, a spokeswoman for the Shanghai Heath Commission, the woman, surnamed Ke, took a high-speed train to Shanghai on Monday last week and arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station around noon.

After arrival, the couple took Metro lines 10 and 8 to a hotel on Xizang Road S. During their stay, she went with her husband to see a doctor and her temperature was normal when she entered the hospital.

Her health code was green, which is considered safe.

Since her husband needed to receive surgery, Ke decided to stay with him at the hospital.

On Monday this week, the hospital gave nucleic acid tests on the couple. The results came back one day later, showing that Ke was positive while her husband was negative.

A CT scan showed inflammation in Ke's lungs. She was then quarantined by the hospital and her case was reported to the local disease prevention and control center, with a double check provided by the latter on Ke's sample.

On Tuesday night, the center confirmed that Ke tested positive. She was listed as a confirmed case after an expert consultation on Wednesday morning.

She has been transferred to the Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center, the designated hospital, and is now under treatment.

So far, local health authorities have tracked down four close contacts of Ke and they are now in quarantine.

Areas Ke has been to have all been sterilized.

Earlier, on May 8, the couple both tested negative for coronavirus infection in Wuhan.

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