Changning patients all home from hospital

Ke Jiayun
Medical institutions in the district had reported 39 confirmed cases by Wednesday but all of the patients living in Changning had now recovered and been discharged from hospital.
Ke Jiayun

Changning District had recorded 39 coronavirus disease cases by Wednesday with all the patients living in the district having recovered and discharged from hospital, Wang Lan, head of the district, said.

As home to a fifth of the city's foreign population and a third of foreign consulates in the city, nearly a third of the over 120,000 people under concentrated or home-bound isolation are expats.

"We do epidemic prevention promotion and notification in various ways and different languages, such as cards and posters on bulletin boards," said Wang. "We also have completed the concentrated quarantine and medical observation given to the third group of 162 young students returning to China from overseas."

There are five fever clinics and nine fever consulting rooms at medical institutions in Changning. The district's Tongren Hospital, the first to provide nucleic acid tests to the public, opened a quick channel for such tests on April 8, allowing residents to be tested without making an appointment. 

In Changning’s Jiangsu Road Subdistrict more than 400 people who had been quarantined were from overseas.

Zheng Lifeng, an official from the subdistrict, said a number of volunteers had ensured smooth communication with foreigners to ensure that pandemic prevention advice given to Chinese and foreigners was the same.

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