Shanghai alliances to promote TCM services

Ke Jiayun
Four traditional Chinese medicine clusters are to be established in the east, south, west and north parts of the city to provide safer, better and more convenient services.
Ke Jiayun
Shanghai alliances to promote TCM services

The four traditional Chinese medicine centers to be established

Shanghai plans to establish four traditional Chinese medicine clusters around the city to provide safer, better and more convenient services.

Four city-level TCM hospitals are to cooperate with city-level general hospitals, specialized hospitals and other medical institutions to improve the efficiency of TCM services.

Shuguang Hospital will work with the Pudong New Area and Huangpu, Baoshan and Songjiang districts to form the East Shanghai TCM Alliance.

Longhua Hospital will cooperate with Xuhui, Changning, Minhang, Fengxian and Jinshan districts to form the South Shanghai TCM Alliance.

The Shanghai Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will form the West Shanghai TCM Alliance with Jing’an, Putuo, Jiading and Qingpu districts.

The North Shanghai TCM Alliance will be led by Yueyang Hospital and include hospitals in Hongkou, Yangpu and Chongming districts.

Shanghai will set the framework of these TCM alliances and facilitate the establishment of another alliance for specialized TCM hospitals.

The four alliances and the specialized TCM alliance will complement each other and provide support to district hospitals. Meanwhile, district TCM hospitals as well as TCM clinical departments at general hospitals can support the community healthcare centers with TCM services to meet the residents' needs related to common diseases, frequently occurring diseases, chronic diseases and rehabilitation.

Next year, the city will explore a clearer coordination mechanism for running the TCM alliances and specify the major tasks, key steps and systems to guarantee their operation.

The construction of the alliances will be further advanced from 2022 with improvements in the management, operation and incentive mechanisms.

The city will promote the integration and sharing of medical resources among the alliances and establish unified management platforms. It also plans to work out a centralized management platform for the supply of TCM herbs and drugs.

The sharing of online information and electronic medical records will also be realized on the basis of local health platforms such as the city's health information site and "health cloud" mobile application, along with remote training given to medical workers and remote medical treatment for patients.

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