Increase in adverse reactions to cosmetics

Hu Min
Shanghai drug administration says 91 percent of products which had caused problems were mainly intended for skin care with contact dermatitis the major concern.
Hu Min

The city recorded 2,593 adverse reactions to cosmetic products last year, 1,706 more than the year before, Shanghai Drug Administration said on Wednesday. 

They involved 3,031 kinds of products, with 91 percent mainly intended for skin care, it said. Other products included hair dye, perfume and sunscreen, and for other uses. 

Of the items, 75.98 percent had known sources with 51.67 percent from online sellers and 19.7 percent from stores.

Contact dermatitis accounted for 96.64 percent of cases, followed by acne, the administration said. 

Of those affected, 92.63 percent were females aged between 1 and 85, with 67.79 percent between 20 and 50.

Over 95 percent of these adverse reactions were on faces, followed by the neck and scalp. 

The cases were reported by medical institutions and companies.

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