After drink scandal, local market watchdog launches three-month crackdown

Hu Min
Authorities will focus on drinks, sugar, tea, wine and fruit products after protein drinks sold in Hunan Province were believed to have sickened at least five infants.
Hu Min
After drink scandal, local market watchdog launches three-month crackdown
Ti Gong

An official with the city's market watchdog checks a food product. 

Shanghai's market watchdog will conduct a three-month crackdown on drinks, sugars and tea products following a protein drink scandal in Hunan Province. 

Starting from early June, the campaign will target manufacturers of drinks, sugar, tea, wine and fruit products; enterprises with names containing the words medicine, nutrition, biologics, science and technology; as well as food businesses near maternal and infant shops, hospitals, and shops targeting seniors and patients, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said on Thursday. 

Violations such as unlicensed food manufacturing and operation; production and operation beyond allowed scope; illegal food additives; false promotions; food labels promoting disease prevention, treatment or health benefits; and sales of common foods as having health properties will be particularly targeted, the administration said. 

Authorities in Hunan Province are investigating a maternal and child products store after at least five infants were reported to have suffered from illnesses such as rickets.

The Ai Ying Fang shop in Chenzhou’s Yongxing County is alleged to have sold a protein drink called Bei An Min as suitable for infants with a milk protein allergy. Parents say the shop claimed the product was baby formula.

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