Turning over new leaf on better health for children

Cai Wenjun
A book providing tips on children's health has been released by the Shanghai Children's Hospital.
Cai Wenjun
Turning over new leaf on better health for children
Xu Cheng / Ti Gong

Health experts launch the book.

A book providing tips on children’s health has been released by the Shanghai Children’s Hospital in the lead-up to Children’s Day on Monday. 

Medical experts also participated in a livestream to promote health knowledge as local kindergarten and low-grade students in primary schools return to class on Tuesday.

The book provides guidance on disease prevention during the current novel coronavirus epidemic along with knowledge on healthy growth, nutrition, sleep, common disease prevention and control, symptoms treatment and tips on visits to the doctor.

Yu Guangjun, president of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, said the book uses simple words to provide basic information on children’s health and enhance understanding between doctors and parents.

“We are pushing the change from pediatric health care to pediatric health management to boost children’s early development and scientific child-raising,” he said. “In addition to educating parents, we also cooperate with schools to promote nutritious diets, eye care, scientific sports, psychological support, accident injury prevention and proper disinfection.”

Doctors said two hours of outdoor activity every day and enough sleep are extremely important for children. Both schools and parents should arouse awareness of good health.

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