Authorities' green light for street stalls

Hu Min Li Qian
Urban management and law enforcement bureau says it will promote the development of a night market economy throughout the city and offer guidance to operators. 
Hu Min Li Qian

Shanghai’s urban management and law enforcement authorities have given the green light to street stalls to support the city economy.

The authorities will support businesses to operate street stalls and conduct refined management on the operation time and scope of such stalls, a notice released by the Shanghai Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau states.

The notice also says the authorities will promote the development of a night market economy and guide businesses to conduct strict management of night operations.

They will also help nighttime businesses in garbage sorting and the collection and treatment of kitchen trash and waste oil.

The administration said random and disorderly establishment of such street stalls will be banned, and operators are required to get prior approval and should operate within designated areas and times.

Registration is required and street stalls will be put under the scrutiny of different authorities to minimize the impact of their operations on nearby residents, such as smoke pollution and garbage.

Lin Xiaojue, director of Jing’an District Commerce Commission, said: “Many people may think that Jing’an is synonymous with high-end commerce featuring retailing malls such as Plaza 66. In fact, it is kind of stereotyped image. For urban districts, we are not restricted to luxury commerce. We have to care more about what people really need in daily life. So, street markets such as Green Escape have emerged.”

She added: “Street markets feature a human touch and offer food, drinks and some inexpensive products, which are beloved by most people. Backstreets are very suitable to open street markets, while main streets, lined with big shopping malls, satisfy people’s need for luxury products.”

Jing’an’s urban management officials said they strongly support street markets, but roadside stalls can’t be put up anywhere at anytime at their will, which may cause traffic problems and affect residents.

They prefer to zone an area to open street markets at restricted times, such as Green Escape. Next, they will talk with other authorities to see whether other backstreets and urban spaces can be zoned for street markets.

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