Minor market violations in Changning get free pass to stimulate business

Yang Jian
Companies in downtown Changning District which commit minor violations can now avoid administrative penalties if it is a first time event.
Yang Jian

Companies in downtown Changning District which commit minor violations can avoid administrative penalties if it is a first-time event, the district's market watchdog announced over the weekend.

The Changning market regulation bureau released a list of 42 minor violations that can escape punishment if companies correct errors immediately, and there has been no dangerous outcome.

The practice, one of the first issued by local district government, aims to enhance law enforcement efficiency while stimulating the dynamics of companies, according to the bureau.

The downtown district has developed a robust e-commerce economy with many large and medium-size e-commerce companies.

To support the development of these companies, the market watchdog and the justice bureau have jointly worked out what constitutes minor offences.

Online food companies, for example, which fail to register with the city and district level food and drug administrations within 30 days after they begin operation can avoid being punished if no food accident has occurred.

Third-party online food trade platforms which fail to set up food safety management departments or inspect the food companies doing business on their platform can also escape punishment if there was no negative outcome.

For brick-and-mortar eateries, those which forget to display their license and certificate can be exempted from penalties. Violators of China's trademark laws who boast their brands are a "well-known trademark" on the wrapping or in ads can also escape punishment.

Some special cases have also been included on the list. Companies which use wrong price tags due to mistakes or computer malfunctions can avoid being punished even though they've violated the nation's Price Law. They must correct the price immediately and refund consumers.

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