Meet the WorldSkills Shanghai 2021 Mascots: Neng Neng and Qiao Qiao

Yang Meiping
Modeled on Shanghai's iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the cartoon duo also nod to China's ancient traditions of artisanship.
Yang Meiping
Meet the WorldSkills Shanghai 2021 Mascots: Neng Neng and Qiao Qiao
Ti Gong

The mascots of the 46th WorldSkills Competition have been unveiled with a nod to modern development and traditional artisanship.

Modeled on Shanghai’s landmark Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Qiao Qiao and Neng Neng (meaning "skillful" and "capable" in Chinese) wear overalls, eye shields, and gloves. In their hands are Lu Ban locks, a toy believed to have been invented by Zhuge Liang 1,800 years ago, using carpenter master Lu Ban's techniques in building mortise and tenon joint structures.

Lu Ban, also known as Gongshu Ban, was born into a family that had been practicing carpentry for several generations in the State of Lu around the time when the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) was replaced by the Warring States Period (475-221 BC).

Lu was keen on inventing new tools to improve quality and efficiency. For instance, he invented saws after he cut his finger on a leaf with a serrated edge. He made wooden horse carriages that could help transport heavy military supplies along rough and rugged paths. He helped build many bridges and palaces around the state, as well as many famous ancient bridges in other parts of the country.

Because of his exceptional skills and numerous inventions, Lu was remembered by successive generations as the father of carpentry in Chinese history.

While honoring Lu Ban, Qiao Qiao and Neng Neng also stretch out their arms in welcome to the young, skilled professionals from all over the world who will come to Shanghai to show off their skills excellence at the 46th WorldSkills Competition.

With guidance and help from WorldSkills International and the support from the central government of China, preparations for the event are well underway in Shanghai.

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