Customs seizes cannabis oil in postal shipment

Ke Jiayun
In a smuggling case recently submitted to prosecutors, dozens of containers of cannabis oil mislabelled as photo equipment were intercepted by authorities.
Ke Jiayun

Shanghai Customs submitted a drug smuggling case to the No. 3 Branch of Shanghai People's Procuratorate this week, in which a man shipped 47 tubes of cannabis oil to China from the United States, local customs said on Wednesday.

According to customs authorities, the buyer, named Yuan, asked someone overseas to ship cannabis oil to him. Officials say that several people were involved in the shipping, which was mislabelled as photo equipment.

The oil was allegedly shipped to Shanghai in February, but was intercepted by local postal officials in March. A man of Eastern European origins attempted to collect the oil on March 24, only to be apprehended by customs officers. The man said he did not know what was inside the parcel, but had been asked to sign for it by an unidentified American woman.

With the help of the Eastern European man, officers were able to nab Yuan when he traveled to Shanghai from Hangzhou to collect the goods on March 31, authorities say.

In a separate case, the anti-smuggling bureau of Qingdao Customs seized a parcel of cannabis at Qingdao Liuting International Airport on April 20. The case was transferred to Shanghai Customs on April 24 and three days later, officers captured a man surnamed Long, the receiver of this parcel, in Baoshan District.

Long said he had taken cannabis during a stay overseas and become addicted to it. After returning to China, he bought cannabis from people in other countries through the mobile messaging app Telegram.

Customs officials say that a crackdown on drug smuggling launched in July last year has led to the seizure of 16 kilograms of illegal substances in 81 smuggling cases.

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