Doctors' warning over strenuous exercise

Cai Wenjun
Hospital issues alert after it sees a number of sports injury cases as people start to exercise again after many months at home because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Cai Wenjun

Doctors are warning local residents to take care when exercising again as the novel coronavirus pandemic wanes in China after seeing several sports injury cases.

Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital had a number of cases in recent weeks of people suffering bone or nerve injuries because of exercises that were too strenuous as people started to exercise again after being at home for months. 

Dr Zhang Changqing said that one 48-year-old man who played badminton in March after stopping for months started to feel pains in his legs in April. He finally went to the hospital after the pains became worse and he was unable to walk.

The patient was found to have pressure on his peroneal nerve as a result of not exercising for a while and then starting to play again at a high intensity. 

He needed surgery to relieve the pressure on his knee. 

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