Summer assignments for students to be launched

Yang Meiping Song Yiyang
"China Homework 2020" program aims to encourage students to focus on their overall development with a number of assignments set by experts including doctors and professors.  
Yang Meiping Song Yiyang

A series of “China Homework 2020” projects will be launched on July 1 for primary and secondary school students over the summer vacation.

The program, established in 2013, encourages students to focus on their overall development by cultivating their autonomy, creativity and interest in exploration.

This year’s assignments, which include some related to humanity, technology and art, have been designed by 18 mentors who are professors, doctors or other experts.

As all the students have experienced the influence of the novel coronavirus, some assignments will be related to the pandemic.

Wu Fan, vice president of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, assigned a task for students to answer the question – “Where is the novel coronavirus from?”

“It sounds like a difficult question that should be studied by scientists,” said Wu. “Actually, it is also an important question for everyone, a factual question which can help solve problems in reality, a scientific topic that is worth exploring, and a realistic problem that develops students’ logic.”

She said there was as yet no definite answer to the question and students could do their own research or with their parents to find their own answer which can be expressed in various ways including fiction, scientific papers or paintings.

The assignment set by Gao Caiping, a member of the International Emergency Medical Team of Shanghai East Hospital, is writing a report after reading “Fangcang Makeshift Hospital,” a book recording what happened in a makeshift hospital in Wuhan, former epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic.

She said the hospital stories will educate students in the meaning of love.

Zhang Qiusheng, a children’s author, is asking students to a create a fairy tale based on their lives.

“Children can find the truth and beauty in their lives through doing it,” said Zhang.

Zheng Xianzhang, a director of the Shanghai Photographers Association, is asking students to make a photographic record of the beauty of their surroundings.

Students can find the assignments at and register for projects they are interested in from July 1.

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