Less traffic during Dragon Boat Festival

Wu Ruofan
The overall number of travelers in the city during the past Dragon Boat Festival saw a decline of around 50 percent compared with the same period  last year. 
Wu Ruofan

Traffic in the city during the Dragon Boat Festival was quieter than expected, with a decline in the overall number of travelers of around 50 percent compared with last year due to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Nearly 900,000 people left the city during the holiday, while more than 800,000 arrived. 

About 70 percent chose to travel by train, followed by 25 percent by air and 6 percent by bus.

Over 27 million people in the city used public transport. More than half used the Metro, 32 percent took buses and 10 percent used taxis.

The number of vehicles on expressways, nearly 3.5 million, was on a par with last year, while the daily figure for elevated roads was 12 percent lower than in the same period last year.

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