Shanghai Sports Bureau issues anti-pandemic rules

Ma Yue
As sports events resume nationwide Shanghai authorities have issued guidance for city events that includes the number of spectators allowed and the anti-pandemic measures required.
Ma Yue

Shanghai Sports Bureau issued anti-pandemic guidance for the resumption of competitions and events on Wednesday as public and professional sports activities, including the national basketball league, resumed nationwide.

The number of spectators at indoor competitions should be no more than 30 percent of capacity, according to the guidance. Spectators at outdoor events should be no more than 50 percent of capacity. Spectators should keep a one-meter distance from each other and wear masks.

Athletes and referees won’t have to wear masks during competitions. 

The number of reporters will be limited and they will be required to keep a safe distance from each other and interviewees.

Organizers are required to evaluate the risk of their events and take anti-pandemic measures accordingly. Events without spectators or people from abroad or high-risk areas are rated as low risk. Those which involve international staff and physical contact are rated as high risk and stricter hygienic measures will have to be taken.

It is suggested that event organizers invite medical experts to join their anti-pandemic preparation group for professional instruction and staff should be given anti-pandemic trainings.

Other preparations required include suspending luggage storage; providing hand washing and disinfection products; providing temperature taking facilities as well as quarantine areas near the venue. Mask-only dustbins should also be arranged.

Organizers of international sports competitions shall ask the national sports administration to decide dates for their events.

Shanghai Sports Bureau issues anti-pandemic rules
Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

Shanghai’s sports authority is encouraging local event organizers to resume activities while following certain rules.

The latest international sports competition that Shanghai has confirmed is the 2020 Archery World Cup final in November with a date yet to be announced.

Other major events pending include the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix, the Rolex Shanghai Masters tennis tournament, the equestrian Global Champions Tour and the 2020 Shanghai International Marathon.

Meanwhile, Shanghai’s swimming pools are opening to the public from Wednesday.

Swimmers can follow the sports bureau’s WeChat account “shanghaitiyu” for their nearest swimming pool, as well as the health and hygiene requirements for entry.

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