Flights cancelled, landings diverted at city airports

Yang Jian
Local air traffic controllers warn of reduced capacity at Shanghai's Pudong and Hongqiao airports on Monday due to heavy rains and lightning.
Yang Jian

Over thirty flights were cancelled at Shanghai’s Pudong and Hongqiao airports, and several others were delayed or diverted to land at other airports on Monday morning due to heavy rains and lightning.

Local air traffic controllers issued a yellow alert, the third-highest in a four-tier system, for flight delays at both airports on Monday morning and expect takeoff and landing capacity to be reduced by 30 percent up to 4pm.

The alert was later extended, meaning takeoffs and landings in Shanghai could be reduced further through 8pm.

Twenty flights have been canceled at the Pudong International Airport as of 11am due to rainstorms. Another flight had to be diverted to a nearby airport, while two others were delayed for about two hours.

Six flights were canceled at the Hongqiao International Airport, and seven flights had to land at nearby airports.

Travelers are suggested to check the latest flight information and contact airlines to avoid being stranded at the city's airports.

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