Temporary parking spots for college exam

Chen Huizhi
Streets around the schools where the national college entrance exam is being held will allow parking on a temporary basis the Shanghai government has announced.
Chen Huizhi

Some city roads will allow parking from Tuesday to Thursday due to the national college entrance exam, the government announced on Monday.

The temporary spaces will be on streets around the schools where the exam is being held.

In Jing'an District, that will include Xinzha Road between Zhenning Road and Wanhangdu Road, Qingyun Road between Zhiyuan Road and Dongbaoxing Road and Qiujiang Road between Xizang Road N. and Huiwen Road.

In Xuhui District, they will include Yongkang Road between Taiyuan Road and Xiangyang Road S., Taiyuan Road between Yongkang Road and Yongjia Road and Longua Road M. between Xiaomuqiao Road and Ruining Road.

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