Doctors use 3D parts in hip surgery success

Cai Wenjun
Patient's pain following a hip transplant ends after hospital's innovative approach to hip renovation surgery with tailor-made parts to replace lost bone.
Cai Wenjun

Local doctors used 3D printing technology to make artificial parts for a patient suffering serious bone loss.

The patient, who is in his 70s, received surgery three days ago and is able to stand and walk by himself, officials at the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital said on Tuesday.

The man, surnamed Lin, had a hip transplant over 10 years ago but in recent years had started to feel pain. His right leg was getting shorter and he wasn’t able to walk properly and had to have special shoes made.

Checks found that Lin had suffered serious bone loss around the artificial joint and there was a slim chance that renovation surgery would be successful. 

Lin went to different hospitals for help after his right leg has become seven centimeters shorter than his left one.

Doctors at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital offered hope. Dr Li Huiwu led his team to establish a 3D model to evaluate the amount of bone loss and developed artificial parts using 3D printing.

With the tailor-made parts, doctors were able to renovate the hip and restore Lin's legs to the same length.

Doctors use 3D parts in hip surgery success
Ti Gong

Artificial parts made using 3D printing solved patient's problems following a hip transplant more than 10 years ago. 

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