Monitoring to be upgraded for third CIIE

Hu Min
Market watchdog to establish real-time monitoring platform covering subjects including food, drugs and special equipment at the National Exhibition and Convention Center.
Hu Min

Shanghai's market watchdog is to establish a real-time monitoring platform covering a variety of subjects such as food, drugs and special equipment at the venue for the China International Import Expo, officials said on Friday ahead of the 100-day countdown to the third CIIE.

The 24-hour platform will also cover pricing, advertisements, consumer rights protection, compulsory certification, intellectual property rights and consultation and it is upgraded from the food safety guarantee direction center at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said.

The center conducted 24-hour remote monitoring of 220 catering businesses serving the CIIE last year.

"The new platform features automatic data analysis, accurate problem detection and intelligent supervision and alarming," said Zhang Zhunmin, a counselor of the administration.

Inspectors will carry mobile terminals during on-spot checks at the expo to record the inspection process, the administration said.

Meanwhile, the administration will accelerate the review and approval process for imported food including health foods and formula for medical use in addition to infant formula to be exhibited at the expo, the administration said.

It will also upgrade remote monitoring installations at elevators in busy areas in the venue to make them more sensitive in giving warnings and suspending operations in case of an emergency, the administration said.

The center has 423 elevators, all with remote monitors connected to the city's operation management platform.

"We will implement higher standards and refined management to ensure market order and convenient services for the event," said Zhang. "The target is zero incidents of food, drug and special equipment during the expo."

Zhang said hotels receiving event participants, Hongqiao Business District, key commercial areas, tourist attractions, transport hubs and areas near the expo venue will be particularly targeted by inspections.

The administration will also check digital thermometers and infrared screening instruments to be used at the CIIE venue and traffic hubs.

The 100-day countdown to the third CIIE falls on Monday. 

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