Major city projects to follow Tesla's lead

Yang Jian
The city government releases a set of new measures to shorten and simplify administrative approvals for major projects to catch up with delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yang Jian

Tesla rolled its first cars off the assembly line just a year after groundbreaking for its gigafactory in the Pudong New Area. 

Now, the practice is to be copied for all major construction projects across Shanghai.

Approvals for such projects will be further streamlined from August after schedules were affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the city government announced on Tuesday.

It has released a set of new measures to shorten and simplify administrative approval in registration, land management, planning, construction as well as completion and acceptance.

"The so-called Tesla speed will be promoted to become the Shanghai speed," said Chen Jing, secretary general of the city government. 

Procedures forced online by COVID-19 will also be accelerated, Chen said. 

Approval to begin a construction project, for instance, will be shortened by 20 days, while completion acceptance can be finished 30 days earlier through a one-stop service.

Approval for the use of land will be streamlined. Transformative development of former industrial land will get the priority.

Planning approval will be shortened to within 10 days. Projects that have to occupy nearby greenery smaller than 500 square meters can get the nod from the district's authorities rather than the city government.

Some construction projects can be allowed not to use prefabricated materials to shorten the approval process.

During final evaluation, major projects can be approved and handed over to tenants by instalments so that buildings can be put into use earlier.

The measures will mainly benefit major projects but will also be extended to other projects to create a better business environment for the city, Chen said.

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