Jinshan's sweet peaches come to downtown

Li Qian
A stall selling specialties from Jinshan District has been set up outside The Place in Changning with the hope that customers will be attracted to visit the suburban district.
Li Qian
Jinshan's sweet peaches come to downtown
Li Qian / SHINE

The stall selling specialties from Jinshan at The Place in Changning District.

Nanhui peaches may be the first thought when it comes to sweet and juicy fruit. But Jinshan peaches are rapidly gaining in popularity and becoming recognized as a strong competitor.

Peaches from the district’s Langxia Town are grown to the sound of music and fed with amino acid from fermented milk. It is claimed they are safe for babies and pregnant women. 

Bigger and sweeter, they are more expensive than other peaches.

Sold for up to 33.5 yuan (US$4.8) each, the peaches were one of the most popular products at a stall in the outdoor square of The Place in Changning District.

The peaches are rarely seen for sale downtown.

“I never knew that Jinshan had such good peaches. It reminds me of my childhood when fruits were not given pesticides,” said a customer surnamed Zhou. She bought a box of eight to take home to her family. 

The pop-up store sells a variety of specialties from Jinshan, including peaches, pears and grapes. The fruit is picked in the early morning before being transported to the downtown complex to ensure freshness.

Jinshan farmer paintings are also on show and there are bags, coasters and scarves featuring farmer paintings on the shelves.

The store is from afternoon to night as part of a local effort to boost the nighttime economy. 

Jinshan hopes it will become a window to attract people to take weekend trips to the suburban district.

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