Xiangshan lures tourists with coastal tradition

Hu Min
Officials from the county in Zhejiang Province were in Shanghai recently to promote their long-running fishing festival and other attractions.
Hu Min
Xiangshan lures tourists with coastal tradition
Ti Gong

Performers from Xiangshan Global Studios promote Xiangshan tourism in Changning District. 

The annual China (Ningbo Xiangshan) Fishing Festival has kicked off in Xiangshan County, neighboring Zhejiang Province, authorities from the county announced in Shanghai while promoting local tourism.

The festival, now in its 23rd year, includes a traditional sailing ceremony, a sea sacrifice ceremony, a music carnival, fishing webcasts, seafood promotions and sales, and a photo exhibition, the Xiangshan County government announced in Shanghai on Tuesday.

The festival, one of the most famous folk events in China, is a way of both promoting local fishing village culture and sharing the area's coastal richness. The sea sacrifice ceremony, for example, has long been a way for fishermen to wish for safe voyages.

Xiangshan Global Studios, a film production site based in the county, signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shanghai Spring Tour and Happy Valley Group during the promotional event.

One thousand Shanghai tourists chosen by lucky draw can enjoy free tours to the studios and one-night accommodation at a local minsu (Chinese-style B&B).

The 4A-level national tourist attraction has imposed real-time monitoring on visitor numbers and applied big-data management to ensure the safety of tourists. 

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