Consumer council launches souvenir search

Hu Min
Submissions of products that best exemplify the city's culture and are brands that are enjoy high recognition in Shanghai are wanted to add to previous award winners.
Hu Min

The Shanghai Consumer Council began its search for this year’s best specialty products on Tuesday. 

"The products should display the city's culture and the brands should enjoy high recognition in the city," said Tang Jiansheng, the council's deputy secretary-general.

The producer should be registered in Shanghai. 

Products should have guaranteed quality management and control systems and have not failed quality tests in the last three years, the council said. 

The company should also have a complete consumer rights and interests protection mechanism and customer service system, it said. 

The search, which is in its third year, "aims to stimulate consumption and provide reference on souvenirs that boast Shanghai flavor and demonstrate Shanghai quality for consumers," said Tang. 

Previous winning souvenirs included a glass plate and a bracelet from Shanghai Museum, Kaikai silk scarves, White Rabbit candies, pankou  (frog fasteners) bookmarks of Longfeng qipao, Xinghualou qingtuan (green glutinous rice balls filled with salted egg yolk and dried meat floss), Fenghua soap, mung bean cake of Longhua Temple and Park Hotel snacks.

Details are available on, the council's official website. 

Submissions can be sent to with the deadline September 20. 

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