Residents play a part in book fair events

Yang Wenjie
Five venues in Jiading hosted a number of events during the 17th Shanghai Book Fair from August 12 to 18.
Yang Wenjie
Residents play a part in book fair events
Qin Jian / Ti Gong

Gu Penghong tells the story of carved bricks in Jiading as part of an activity during the Shanghai Book Fair.

The 17th Shanghai Book Fair was held from August 12 to 18 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, while five venues in Jiading hosted a number of events at the same time.

At the Xinhua Bookstore at Jiading Robinson Shopping Mall, a lecture was given on bricks carved with Chinese characters and images. Gu Penghong, deputy curator of the district’s Carved Brick Museum, outlined the rich history of these cultural relics.

Some visitors bought a book about the bricks. “It helps me understand the lecture better,” said a reader surnamed Yuan.

Participants also got hands-on experience in the ancient craft of ink rubbing.

“We set up an area especially for displaying books on traditional Chinese culture along with activities in the period, so readers can buy the books in the intended field when they take part in the activities,” said Zhang Wei, manager of the bookstore.

Zhongshuge, another bookstore in the district, held a dessert-making activity and a “vocational trip” for young readers on different jobs. Dou Jing, author of children’s books, signed her books at the scene.

Jiading Library is holding a competition about traditional culture online that will last through September, while a classics reciting activity concludes at the end of this month. 

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