Taxi driver held for stealing from drunk

Chen Huizhi
A man who was drunk in the street later found his wallet and mobile phone had gone missing and contacted the police in Changning District who quickly identified a suspect.
Chen Huizhi
Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

A taxi driver has been detained after he admitted stealing from a drunk man on the street, police said on Monday.

A man surnamed Gao told police in Changning District on August 26 that he had lost his wallet and mobile phone the previous night when he was drunk.

After an investigation, police found that a taxi driver had approached Gao on the sidewalk and taken his bag before walking away. He then returned with the bag, but the wallet was missing. Gao’s mobile phone had also been taken from his pocket.

There was 1,500 yuan (US$220) in cash and several bank cards in the wallet, police said.

The taxi driver, a man surnamed Zhang, was tracked down by police and caught on August 28. Police said he confessed to the theft. 

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