Jiading stresses role of intelligent vehicles

Chen Huizhi
Officials lay out plans for the district over the next five years with the district potentially entirely open to the testing of intelligent and connected vehicles.
Chen Huizhi
Jiading stresses role of intelligent vehicles
Ti Gong

Didi's auto-driving test area in Jiading District.

Jiading District could potentially be entirely open to the testing of intelligent and connected vehicles, Cai Ning, director of the district’s economic commission, said on Tuesday.

Cai said the district aims to become a “cradle of intelligent and connected vehicles” which are the engine of the automobile industry in the future.

The national intelligent and connected vehicle demonstration zone in the district was the country’s first public platform for the test and demonstration of such vehicles. By the end of this year, about 10,000 vehicles will have had their test runs on highways and expressways as well urban and rural streets, a total of 150 square kilometers in range, according to the government.

Gao Xiang, head of the district government, said the district shall push for Jiading New Town to allow auto-driving.

The district government held a press conference on Tuesday at which its officials laid out plans for the district in the next five years.

The automobile industry accounts for 70 percent of the district’s manufacturing, while the district’s industrial output accounts for 70 percent of its GDP.

The district government said the new energy car and intelligent car industry has been growing at an annual rate of 16.9 percent since 2015.

Lu Fangzhou, Party secretary of the district, said the district plans to push for the upgrading of its manufacturing sector by giving new impulses to the sector.

The output of the automobile industry of the district was growing at double-digit percent annually for over a decade before a halt and then a drop in 2018 and 2019.

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