New transport card accepted in 280 cities

Wu Ruofan
Latest version of the Shanghai transport card offering more options to make travel more convenient for people wishing to visit other cities across China. 
Wu Ruofan
New transport card accepted in 280 cities
Ti Gong

The new transport card.

The latest version of Shanghai’s transport card, now available to the public, can be used in 280 other cities across the country. 

The card company says it can be used on Shanghai Metro, the city’s buses, ferries and taxis, and the Jinshan Railway. 

The new card follows the older version including a 20-yuan (US$2.93) refundable deposit and passengers can still enjoy a transfer discount within two hours.

Passengers can search the list of available cities outside Shanghai as well as the discount policies on the card’s Wechat account.

The card can be bought at service windows at 22 Metro stations including People’s Square, Zhongshan Park and Shanghai Railway Station. 

A virtual version of the card has been developed with Huawei, and can be accessed through all of the brand’s phone product lines.

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