Mediators establish Sino-US experts team

Ke Jiayun
Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center and the US-based JAMS, partners for five years, have launched a joint panel to provide solutions in cross-border commercial disputes.
Ke Jiayun

JAMS, formerly Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services Inc, the largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution services worldwide, and the Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center have launched a joint panel to provide solutions in cross-border commercial disputes.

The Sino-US International Commercial Co-Mediation Panel was enacted on Tuesday.

The two sides, both assisting parties in dispute resolution processes in areas including trade, investment, securities, intellectual property rights, real estate and insurance matters, have been in partnership for five years.

The panel comprises a professional team of international mediators, 11 from the mediation center and 11 from JAMS. Since July, the mediators have been conducting virtual training sessions and discussing how to resolve cross-border disputes.

“The co-mediation panel marks five years of close collaboration and is a product of the SCMC and JAMS’ collective experience and expertise in our regions,” said Chris Poole, JAMS president and CEO. “The international commercial panel will be vital as we work together to navigate complex disputes in the years to come.”

Zhang Wei, director of SCMC, said: “Our partnership with JAMS for the past five years has helped us expand awareness and understanding of international commercial dispute resolution and broaden our team’s professional competence. The establishment of the co-mediation panel will lead us to a closer and more efficient collaboration.”

Working to provide guidance to facilitate international mediation, the establishment of the co-mediation panel aims to reinforce the goals of the Singapore Convention, a uniform framework for international settlement agreements resulting from mediation. The United States and China were among the first signatories for the Singapore Convention, which was officially implemented on September 12.

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