Police bust counterfeit toy making operation

Chen Huizhi
The suspects, based in Guangdong Province, allegedly produced and sold knock-off toys based on the South Korean anime "Miniforce."
Chen Huizhi

Six people have been caught for allegedly producing and selling fake toys based on the South Korean anime “Miniforce,” Shanghai police said on Tuesday.

The toys were sold under a different brand name but were almost identical to authentic items, police said.

Police in Xuhui District started their investigation after receiving a report from the holder of the toys' copyright.

The toys were sold on the Internet at prices lower than their authentic counterparts, and the manufacturer indicated on the packaging, a company known as Tengxing, doesn’t exist, police said.

Through their investigation, police found that a toy store on Meilong Road was selling the fake toys, and the owner of the store bought the toys from a woman surnamed Liu in Guangdong Province.

Liu was a saleswoman for a toy factory in Shantou city in that province called Hanhui, a factory registered to a man surnamed Chen. The factory had about 50 workers and produced about 1,000 toys per day, according to the police.

Police raided the factory in a recent action and seized over 20,000 fake toys from the factory and its six warehouses.

Chen has allegedly confessed and said he started to produce the fake toys at his factory in May last year, for sale around the country.

Qiu Zhengtan, a representative of the copyright holder, said the fake toys were produced with recycled plastics which could easily break and injure children.

“The fakes used plastics of inferior quality, which have a pungent smell that is bad for the health of both users and the workers who produced them,” Qiu said.

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