Masks to be available at all Metro stations

Chen Huizhi
Vending machines installed at 413 Metro stations throughout Shanghai will allow passengers to purchase masks in packs of three or 20 from this Friday.
Chen Huizhi
Masks to be available at all Metro stations
Ti Gong

A passenger purchases masks at a vending machine in a Metro station.

If you forget your mask when about to take the Metro you can now buy them at the station.

From Friday, vending machines will be available at 413 Metro stations in Shanghai, the Metro company said on Wednesday.

The three stations on Metro Line 11 in Kunshan will not be covered, but the two Maglev stations are included in the scheme.

At present, Metro passengers can buy masks from convenience stores and over 700 vending machines at around 280 stations in the city.

The Metro network requires all passengers to wear a mask when entering the stations and taking the trains.

Masks from the machines are available in packs of three for adults and children, and a pack of 20. Customers can pay with Alipay, WeChat pay and UnionPay cards.

A three-mask pack costs 6 yuan (90 US cents).

Instructions on the vending machines is in Chinese.

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