Authorities cracks down on pyramid selling

Hu Min
Campaign launched to make the public aware of the problem and how to avoid being taken in as it reveals details of typical cases online and via public service announcements.
Hu Min

Shanghai's market watchdogs have cracked eight pyramid sales cases this year, with about 200 million yuan (US$29.96 million) in fines and product value confiscated, authorities revealed on Thursday.

The city's police have dealt with 30 cases involving 180 million yuan this year, and 68 people had been caught with 29 prosecuted.

The Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation and the Shanghai Public Security Bureau has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of pyramid sales and how to avoid them.

The campaign will give details of a number of typical cases via online platforms and 200 public service announcements will be screened at 80 metro stations across the city.

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