Wang helps villagers in Yunnan out of poverty

Tong Wangyue
Every day, Wang Lianghua is busy assisting poverty-stricken areas in southwest China's Yunnan Province.
Tong Wangyue

Every day, Wang Lianghua is busy assisting poverty-stricken areas in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Since he arrived in Yunnan from Jiading in 2018, he has driven sales of agricultural products worth 160 million yuan (US$24 million).

Wang was appointed as deputy head of Mouding County, a poverty-stricken mountainous area in central Yunnan.

In his first two months, Wang visited seven towns and 89 villages across the county, revealing the reason of the slow pace of its industrial development.

In the village of Yunlong in Xinqiao Town, Wang coordinated project funds, set up water and electricity facilities, excavated roads and transferred 800-mu (53-hectare) land for planting of pomegranates, so that the income of villagers has been increased.

Led by Wang, Xinqiao has built 122 greenhouses for mushrooms and two packaging production lines. Technical cooperation was carried out with Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and a Tan Qi Workshop was established to enhance the cooperation.

Local enterprises planted high-end edible fungi, such as baishen (白参) and jin’er (金耳), and cooperated with Shanghai enterprises to sell them in stores and through online platforms.

Since then, three industrial chains — edible fungi, pig breeding and Sanhua plums — have been set up, and a Shanghai-Yunnan industrial park and an e-commerce platform are established to assist farmers.

Wang and his projects promote the sales of produce that includes Xiahei Grape, Mouding fermented tofu and ham made by Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan.

Sales of mushrooms, pomegranates, green shell eggs, fermented tofu, Yunnan red pears and ecological fruit and vegetables have achieved a total sales of more than 160 million yuan for the county.

Wang has been seen at the construction site of every poverty assistance project. Before the implementation, he carried out front-line investigations and surveys. During the implementation, he coordinated and supervised the projects.

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