Villagers enjoy their lives with new benefits

Qian Tong
Towns in Jiading have promoted a series of benefits for residents to enhance their life conditions.
Qian Tong

Towns in Jiading have promoted a series of benefits for residents to enhance their life conditions.

Villagers in Jiangqiao Town’s Huazhuang Village can enjoy subsidies for major diseases, and for those over 65 years old can have free lunches from Monday to Saturday.

“I’m satisfied with the free lunch and other benefits in addition to the good environment and personal relationships among villagers here,” Zhu Guanming, 67, said.

A free shuttle bus service has been in operation for years. And collectively owned enterprises in the village also provide job opportunities as a priority for families with unemployed members.

To ensure security, 95 surveillance cameras have been installed, and advanced intelligent systems are put in place. No criminal or theft cases are reported over the past three years.

Since 1992, the village has set up a total of 284 villas for permanent residents.

In addition, the village has dismantled nearly 200,000-square-meter illegal structures, paving the way for more green land and public areas.

The village committee passed 66 rules, covering illegal construction, renting private houses, garbage sorting and planting at will. Anyone violating the rules loses out on the rewards system.

Anting Town has joined a trial program on raising the ability of family-based rehabilitation in Shanghai.

There are 5,600 therapists in China, only four for every million people. Shanghai has some 2,000, still far behind Western countries, which have 10 to 20 therapists for every 10,000 people.

Under the trial, the rehabilitation team will first establish an exclusive “health file” for the elderly after the first visit and adjust the guidance according to their situation.

One beneficiary is local resident Zhang Weizhen whose parents are in their 80s.

Zhang has been able to perform 15 minutes of rehabilitation for her parents independently after therapists’ guidance. The therapists visit her family once or twice a week.

“I can use the rehabilitation skills I have learned to relieve their pain. Although I feel a little tired, I am very happy,” Zhang said.

At present, there are 30 families in Anting covered by the system. Home guidance courses also include nutrition, life care and home safety.

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