Consumer council takes aim at food waste

Hu Min
A new campaign encourages diners to order "reasonable" amounts of food, take home their left-overs and practice good table manners and hygiene.
Hu Min

The Shanghai Consumer Council launched an "clean plate" campaign on Tuesday ahead of the upcoming China International Import Expo, calling on catering businesses and consumers in the city to avoid food waste.

In a proposal made by the council and Meituan, consumers are encouraged to order reasonable amounts of food when dining out, practice good table manners, use separate spoons and chopsticks to take food from shared dishes, and pack unfinished food for take-away.

"We also propose that catering businesses provide information on the size of dishes to consumers, remind consumers to order properly, and remind them to bring unfinished food home when they pay the bill," said Tao Ailian, secretary-general of the council.

"Restaurants should step up promotion and they are encouraged to offer incentives to diners to promote the campaign and a 'green and healthy' dining concept," she added.

Thirty catering businesses with about 3,000 outlets in the city have joined in the campaign.

The council said it will investigate food waste at restaurants and guide consumers to consume rationally.

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