All the latest at technology transfer fair

Li Qian
The Inno-Match Expo at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, part of this year's Pujiang Innovation Forum, will feature the latest innovations from China and around the world.
Li Qian

The latest innovation achievements will be on display in Shanghai when a three-day global technology transfer fair opens on Wednesday.

The Inno-Match Expo at the Shanghai Exhibition Center is part of this year’s Pujiang Innovation Forum.

It features an exhibition, several product debuts and summits on topics such as blockchain, fintech and entrepreneurship.

It is a platform for regions and countries, startups and business tycoons, and universities and industrial parks to demonstrate their advantages and development potential.

A highlight will be a demonstration of 11 scientific and technological achievements of China and Shanghai.

They include models of the biggest new-generation Newcastlemax-style bulk carrier and China’s first domestically built polar research vessel and icebreaker, Xuelong 2, which returned to Shanghai in late September after completing the 11th Arctic expedition.

Exhibits also include an advanced chipmaking machine, the world’s first algae-based Alzheimer’s drug GV-971, and a remote cruise control system set to be used in the under-construction Jing’ansi Station of Line 14.

The exhibition also features products from more than 200 enterprises in fields such as biomedicine, smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals will display its nucleic acid testing kits and new intestinal microecology treatment system.

Gaha Medical Electronic Device Co from Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province will display protective clothing equipped with a ventilation system to emit carbon dioxide and an electrostatic air filter to deactivate viruses.

Shanghai Yogo Robot will display its Red Dot Design Award-winning service robots. The company’s delivery robots are now used in several downtown areas, including Lujiazui and Xujiahui, as well as more than 150 sites across the country. Customer information is entered and robots deliver packages to their doorstep.

Cooperation, the focus of this year’s Puajing forum, is reflected in the exhibition as regions and countries set up pavilions to showcase their developments and seek cooperation.

The Israel Pavilion is built based on the China-Israel Innovation Hub in Putuo District.

Opened in December last year, the hub aims to promote Chinese and Israeli scientific and technological innovation in artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing and information technology.

Mantis Vision is one of the Israeli companies setting offices in the hub. As a leading 3D technology company, it will display its advanced computer vision technologies in the exhibition, especially the innovative The Ring Studio which allows dynamic 3D livestream and videos in high resolution.

The company said it has established its wholly subsidiary in China and cooperated with domestic companies such as Xiaomi, Baidu, Ant Finance and SF Courier. It plans to take part in 5G development by collaborating with carriers such as China Mobile and China Unicom.

The Germany Pavilion demonstrates the country’s smart manufacturing industry and education system to foster technicians. Rhein Köster, headquartered in Munich, is not only a high technology company engaged in the design of digital factories, it's also a training center to foster talent for factories.

Other countries with pavilions include Japan, South Korea, Denmark and Holland.

China’s Shaanxi Province, Yunnan Province and the Yangtze River Delta region are also demonstrating their innovation achievements.

The Yunnan Pavilion focuses on the development of liquid metal. Rich in precious metals, the province hopes to integrate with biomedicine, genetic engineering and other frontier research to make innovations.

Some products made of liquid metal, such as human exoskeletons, printing machines and smart glass LEDs, will be on display.

Inventors hope to seek cooperation from other companies to improve the products and find investment to take their products to market.

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