North Bund seeking world's best designers

Yang Jian
An international design competition with total awards of 7 million yuan (US$1.04 million) is inviting plans for the development of the four key regions of the North Bund.
Yang Jian
North Bund seeking worlds best designers
Ti Gong

The North Bund waterfront

An competition with total awards of 7 million yuan (US$1.04 million) is seeking designs from around the world for the four key regions of  Shanghai's North Bund.

The Hongkou District government issued its “Creation and Boundless” invitation on Friday to solicit ideas for the new round of development on the Huangpu River waterfront.

Individuals or groups from both home and abroad with urban design and function planning experience can apply for the contest by scanning a QR code to register before November 30.

Designers, companies, colleges as well as design or research institutes should involve the regional characteristics of the North Bund and its surroundings into their plans, the organizers said.

“The blueprint should focus on the people-oriented planning concept,” said Liu Jun, executive vice director of the North Bund Development Office.

During a visit to Shanghai last November, President Xi Jinping said: “The cities are built by the people and for the people.” He said urban planning and development must be committed to a people-centered approach and focus on people’s needs.

The four projects are the initial phase of the redevelopment on Dongyuhang Road, the southern section of the Tilanqiao area, the traditional lane-style Shanshouli neighborhood and the Music Valley area.

Participants should offer planning on space structure and functions, historical protection, traffic organization strategy, key urban image design and open space development. The plans should be based on different cultural and space features of the four regions.

“The main aim is to develop the North Bund into the most beautiful Huangpu River waterfront, while improving people’s happiness,” Liu said.

North Bund seeking worlds best designers
Ti Gong

Several landmark high-rises have been built on the North Bund waterfront.

Four projects

The Dongyuhang Road area was once home to derelict old residential buildings. As most of the residents have been relocated, plans should make it a new community with its history well-preserved, said Luo Yihong, head of the office’s planning department.

The Tilanqiao area features multiple key historical sites such as the over-century-old Tilanqiao Prison, formerly known as Ward Road Gaol, and the Ohel Moishe Synagogue. The nearby neighborhoods once accommodated Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution during World War II.

Designers should renew and upgrade the historical venues to create a new cultural landmark with museums, tourist attractions, recreation and artwork exhibition, Luo said.

Shanshouli, a typical old lane-style neighborhood built around the 1920s, will have its residences preserved to become a demonstration of the history of the North Bund.

The Shanghai Music Valley along the Yujingpu River, a branch of the Huangpu River, will highlight Hongkou’s status as the core region for haipai (Shanghai-style) cultures.

The designs must be sent to the office by November 30. An online poll and experts’ evaluation will be held in December to select three designs for each of the projects. The top prize is 800,000 yuan. An award ceremony will be held on December 30.

The new-look North Bund, listed as a “new engine” of growth for Shanghai, will include a central business district with high-density office buildings and commercial facilities.

The riverside region, covering about 4 square kilometers, should meet the same high standard set at the Lingang Special Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Pudong New Area.

About 8.4 million square meters of new construction space have been planned for the waterfront, equivalent to the total amount of urban space in Lujiazui and on both sides of Century Avenue in Pudong.

These include dozens of office buildings to house about 100 headquarters of multinational firms, international organizations and functional institutes, according to the Hongkou government.

North Bund seeking worlds best designers
Ti Gong

A night view of the North Bund

North Bund seeking worlds best designers
Ti Gong

The official poster of the contest with the QR code for applicants

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