Qingcaosha drainage project gets underway

Wu Ruofan
A new drainage system at the Qingcaosha reservoir is expected to make better use of tail water and to protect the ecological system of Changxing Island.
Wu Ruofan

A new drainage project at Qingcaosha, the city’s key reservoir, began construction on Tuesday with the aim of better utilization of tail water and to protect the environment.

The reservoir, to the northwest of Changxing Island, has greatly relieved pressure on the city’s water supply and enhanced drinking water quality and safety since 2011.

The 240-day project, to be built at southern flank of the reservoir, has a current design flow of 6 cubic meters per second, which will be quadrupled in the future.

Tail water will be transmitted to the North Ring River of Changxing Island, with the aim of enhancing the overall hydrodynamic system and curbing the spread of algae.

The utilization of tail water from Qingcaosha is stressed in the city’s five-year development plan as a way to preserve the local ecological system and water environment.

With a daily water supply of over 7 million tons, Qingcaosha currently serves 10 districts and over half of the city’s residents.

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