Scare for Xuhui diners when rat jumps out

Hu Min
Restaurant ordered to close for improvements after rodent spotted crawling into a bird cage at a Hong Kong-style restaurant before jumping out onto a sofa and frightening diners.
Hu Min
Scare for Xuhui diners when rat jumps out

The rat inside a bird cage at the restaurant. 

Scare for Xuhui diners when rat jumps out

An official with the Xuhui District market watchdog inspects the restaurant after the rat incident. 

A Hong Kong-style chain restaurant in Xuhui District has closed down to get disinfected and other work done after a rat was spotted inside on Tuesday night, the local market watchdog said on Wednesday.

The rat was seen crawling inside a bird cage at the Bailian Xuhui outlet of Chalisi on Huashan Road before jumping onto a sofa and scaring diners.

A video of the incident was posted online.

Supervisors at the Xuhui District Bureau for Market Regulation went to the restaurant on Tuesday night, officials said.

They found a broken ceiling leading to improper rat and pest control and prevention measures.

The restaurant was ordered to put things right immediately, thoroughly disinfect the premises and exterminate any rats. 

The property management company of the Bailian Xuhui shopping mall was ordered to strengthen rat and pest prevention in public areas to ensure they met food safety requirements.

The bureau said it would enhance inspections of businesses at the mall and has ordered regular checks to prevent similar incidents.

In a statement released on Tuesday night, Chalisi apologized and said it would improve food processing involving the storage of food ingredients and had carried out rat and pest extermination.

It would also strengthen staff training.

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