Winter to be warmer than normal this year

Tian Shengjie
Shanghai's weather bureau predicts average temperatures of up to 7 degrees Celsius compared with the usual 6.1 degrees and rules out extreme weather such as heavy snow.
Tian Shengjie

It will be warmer than the normal this winter, Shanghai’s weather bureau said on Thursday.

Average temperatures are expected to be between 6 and 7 degrees Celsius, compared with the usual 6.1 degrees.

The city will not suffer extreme weather such as heavy snow but low temperatures. Rain and snow will be seen in early December, late January to early February, and late February, the bureau said.

Rainfall of around 145 to 165 millimeters will also be lower than normal, it said.

The official arrival of winter is expected to be later than before, according to bureau official Mao Mao.

Winter officially arrives when there are five consecutive days of average temperatures below 10 degrees and is usually around December 3.

The current high temperature will fall to 19 degrees on Friday and Saturday, and 16 degrees on Sunday. Rain will fall this weekend, the city weather bureau said.

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