Foreigners briefed on coronavirus efforts

Ke Jiayun
Fang Huiping, CPPCC Shanghai Committee vice chairman, tells foreign representatives that the committee had made pandemic prevention and control an overriding political task.
Ke Jiayun

The CPPCC Shanghai Committee outlined its work in fighting coronavirus and facilitating construction in the city in its annual briefing to representatives of foreign organizations on Wednesday.

Nearly 100 representatives attended the meeting, including consular officials, people on behalf of Shanghai's sister cities, Magnolia Prize winners, scientists and experts.

Dong Yunhu, chairman of the committee, said Shanghai had performed well in battling the coronavirus and in pandemic prevention and control while boosting economic and social growth.

He hoped foreigners would continue to participate and support the city's construction, reform and development.

He also expressed the wish foreigners in Shanghai would contribute to helping the world learn more about China and share more opportunities.

Fang Huiping, vice chairman of the committee, said the committee had made pandemic prevention and control an overriding political task and had mobilized the city’s CPPCC system to make concerted efforts to wage an all-out people’s war on the virus and achieve the goal of economic and social development.

It had organized over 30 CPPCC members to participate in legislative consultation on the “Decision on Exerting all the Strength to Prevent and Block the Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic” drafted by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, and submitted nearly 6,000 proposals, and social trends and public opinions.

It also organized and led CPPCC members to provide proposals and deliberate on political affairs and generate extensive consensus on issues such as promoting the resumption of work and production, assisting enterprises in reaching production capacity, seizing new opportunities in new business formats, and promoting economic stability and recovery.

Meanwhile, to support overseas pandemic prevention and control efforts, they helped foreign consulates in Shanghai to transport anti-pandemic materials back home and some foreign business people to return to Shanghai.

They donated masks and medical materials to foreign consulates in Shanghai and assisted overseas Chinese in organizing anti-pandemic supplies and medical equipment for their host countries.

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