Doctors warn of heart trouble during cold weather

Cai Wenjun
Sudden drops in temperature can cause unstable blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues, according to experts.
Cai Wenjun

Doctors are warning about the risks of severe cardiovascular incidents due to sudden drops in temperatures, as the daily high in Shanghai fell from 26 degree Celsius on Wednesday to 18 degrees on Friday.

Sudden temperature changes can cause unstable blood pressure, potentially triggering heart attack or heart failure, say doctors. People with cardiovascular disease should take extra care and keep warm.

Patients with cardiovascular complaints increased by 30 percent recently with the arrival of autumn and change of temperature.

Dr Song He from Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital said change of temperature is an important risk factor in urgent cardiovascular events. Sudden heat reduction can raise blood pressure, causing the risk of angina and myocardial infarction.

Peak periods for cardiovascular incidents are seasonal changes from autumn to winter and from winter to spring. Unstable temperatures and cold weather can cause blood vessel spasms. People with cardiovascular disease and weak immunity should avoid going outside on days with high winds and sudden temperature drops, and remember to take their medicines if going out, doctors said.

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