Two new local COVID-19 cases reported in Shanghai

Li Qian
A couple in Pudong has been confirmed as the latest COVID-19 cases in Shanghai, the city government said on Friday night.
Li Qian

A couple has been confirmed as the latest local coronavirus cases in Shanghai, the city government announced on Friday night.

The Pudong New Area's health authority reported two suspected cases, a man aged 39 and a woman aged 34, on Friday afternoon. The couple went to fever clinic by themselves after they showed symptom of coughing, and they were immediately quarantined.

Samples for nucleic acid testing were sent to the city’s disease control and prevention center.

Results came out at 9pm on Friday night, showing they tested positive.

Based on the results, imaging screening and expert consultation, they were confirmed with infection.

Authorities have teamed up to track relevant people and have launched an epidemiological investigation. Any progress will be made public timely.

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