New technology to improve water in Minhang

Wu Ruofan Qian Tong
The latest method in water filtration at Minhang Water Plant will enhance the quality of tap water for 100,000 residents in the first half of next year.
Wu Ruofan Qian Tong
New technology to improve water in Minhang
Ti Gong

The new nano-filter technology at Minhang Water Plant can reduce organic substances in water to enhance its quality and taste.

Minhang Water Plant has adopted a new water treatment technology to enable it to supply high-quality water to 100,000 nearby residents in the first half of 2021.

The plant takes water from the Jinze Reservoir in suburban Qingpu District, one of the main four centralized drinking water sources in the city.

Through the new nano-filter technology, organic substances in water can be reduced to enhance the quality and taste of drinking water, according to Shanghai Chengtou Group.

Currently, the plant can treat 10,000 tons of water daily with standardized and nano-filtration methods, as well as 20,000 tons of water with ozone activated carbon plus ultrafiltration membrane technologies.

The project has been on trial since May, providing drinkable tap water to residents in Maqiao Town of Minhang District.

After further evaluation and adjustment, the method will be promoted at another 12 plants taking water from the Jinze Reservoir next year.

It is also included in city’s overall blueprint for 2017 to 2035, which seeks to provide drinkable tap water that meets international standards for all city residents.

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