Weight loss surgery a success at Renji Hospital

Cai Wenjun
After a lifetime of obesity, a patient lost 42kg after doctors performed a surgery to remove most of his stomach.
Cai Wenjun

A 152kg patient lost 42kg thanks to a minimally invasive weight-loss surgery at Renji Hospital, hospital officials said on Wednesday.

Doctors also designed an individualized plan for medication, nutrition and sports to help the man regain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle.

The patient surnamed Chen was obese since childhood due to lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. His obesity became more serious as he grew older, when it started to hinder his normal life.

Since Chen didn’t see results from diet and exercise, he came to Renji Hospital, when he was 152kg with a body mass index of 46 (double what is considered healthy).

Doctors eventually decided to conduct a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, a surgery to remove most of the stomach.

A multidisciplinary team offered a comprehensive surgery plan as well as after-surgery guidance.

The operation was completed within 2 hours and the patient was able to walk unassisted the next day. He was discharged six days after the surgery.

Besides the patient's weight loss, other key health items like blood sugar and blood fat also returned to normal levels, hospital officials said.

The hospital said it has formed a multidisciplinary platform for obesity management to help other patients receive safe, long-term and effective care.

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