Average incomes rise for technical talent

Yang Meiping
Official survey of 175,000 workers in 3,037 local enterprises finds average yearly income in Shanghai in 2019 was 8,200 yuan higher than in the previous year.
Yang Meiping

The average yearly income for technical talent in Shanghai hit 127,900 yuan (US$19,491) last year, 8,200 yuan higher than the previous year, according to a report by Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

It’s higher than the average income of local urban employees, which was 115,000 yuan last year.

The conclusions are based on a survey of 175,000 certificated technical workers, from basic workers to senior technicians, at 3,037 local enterprises. Pay including base wages, bonuses, subsidies and overtime was taken into account in the survey.

The median income for technical talent was 105,300 yuan last year. Among them, the median income for primary technical workers was 81,800 yuan, 112,000 yuan for intermediate workers, 140,500 yuan for senior workers, 160,200 yuan for technicians and 186,800 yuan for senior technicians.

Technical talent in the electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply sectors reported the highest earnings, with their median income at 223,800 yuan last year, followed by the information technology sector with 161,300 yuan and the science research sector at 127,500 yuan.

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