Six new stations to open on Metro Line 10

Chen Huizhi
Safety assessment work has been completed on the second phase of Metro Line 10 and the extension should be operational by the end of the year to cut commuting times.
Chen Huizhi

The second phase of the Metro Line 10 is near to opening as safety assessment work has been accomplished, Shanghai Metro said on Friday.

This will add six new stations to the line, linking the northern part of the Pudong New Area with Yangpu District across the Huangpu River, significantly reducing the commuting time for residents in this part of the city.

Currently, going from the north of Pudong to Yangpu by Metro would mean taking Line 6 and then interchanging to Line 12 and Line 10. The new direct link could reduce the travel time by two-thirds, or 40 minutes.

The extension starts from Xinjiangwancheng Station with the terminal at Jilong Road Station in Pudong.

The Jilong Road Station will become the first Metro station within a free trade zone in China, which didn’t come easy, according to Wei Bo, project manager of the second phase.

“Such Metro stations have much more requirements than those of others elsewhere, and we had done a lot of communication work with the administrators of the zone in order to introduce the Metro there,” he said.

Passengers on the line can interchange to Line 6 at Gangcheng Road Station, the only elevated Metro station in Shanghai where passengers can interchange to another line on the same floor.

Toilets for women in the six new stations will have more seats than in other stations in the city, fulfilling a government recommendation.

Shanghai Metro said the new stations should be able to open by the end of the year.

Here in the video is a first view of the new stations.

Shot by Chen Huizhi. Edited by Chen Huizhi. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

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