Pocket parks leisure boost for local residents

Hu Min
Three new pocket parks have been built in Songjiang District providing pleasant leisure spaces for local residents.
Hu Min

Three new pocket parks have been built in Songjiang District providing pleasant leisure spaces for local residents and a place to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

In spring, mild breezes and birdsong attract people living or working nearby, who come to photograph flowers, take part in some exercise or just sit in contemplation. In summer, trees and lush greenery provide relief from the sizzling summer heat. In autumn, foliage turns color with splashes of crimson and gold. And in winter, dull gray days are brightened by nature’s landscape.

“It is small, but it is exquisite and beautiful,” said Zhang Bing, a resident of Moka Xiaocheng residential complex of Jiuliting Subdistrict.

The new pocket park, covering around 1,142 square meters, is located at the intersection of Laiyin Road and Jiuyi Road and is at Zhang’s doorway.

“It offers a place to take a stroll and sit, which is delightful,” said Zhang. “The park’s location used to be a vacant unsanitary piece of land, and the park improves the nearby environment of the residential community. All stone benches in the park are fully occupied at dusk and residents like chatting here, which makes us happy.”

Pocket parks leisure boost for local residents
Cai Bin / Ti Gong

Kids play at a pocket park on Guangxing Road in Zhongshan Community of Songjiang District.

The pocket park features a leaf-shaped corridor frame decorated with Chinese crabapple pictures and colorful foliage plants. In spring, Chinese crabapple and magnolia will be in full bloom.

“The pocket park expands the leisure activity spaces of residents and enriches our leisure experiences,” said Zhang Huiqing, another complex resident.

Another pocket park at the intersection of Xinsongjiang Road and Binhu Road of Fangsong Subdistrict covers around 1,167 square meters. It is decorated with landscape flower frames and benches and features flowers such as sweet-scented osmanthus and cherry blossoms.

The pocket park at the intersection of Wencheng and Jiangxue roads covers 1,433 square meters. It features red bricks and landscape lights, ensuring an enchanting view at night.

“More than 10 varieties of azalea are planted at the park, adding a splash of colors when they are in full bloom,” said Chen Xiaosong with the park’s management company.

Despite the extremely long plum rain season this year, the three pocket parks were still completed on schedule.

Three new pocket parks will be built in the district by the end of the year, offering more green and leisure spaces to residents.

Two basketball courts and a soccer field at the Fangsong Sports Park have opened to the public for free. Covering nearly 53,000 square meters, the park already boasts ample greenway that stretches over 800 meters, lawns and sports venues.

“I visit the park very frequently and there are many people doing exercise here,” said Chen Wensong, a resident living nearby.

“It is pleasant taking a walk on the greenway,” Chen added.

A facelift project of the nearby environment of the Yangtze River Delta G60 High-tech Corridor has also been conducted to spruce up the area.

Foliage shrubs and plants are prominent on Yaobei Road, Zhongxin Road, Minsong Highway and Xinzhuan Highway. Two flower landscapes of azalea and bougainvillea blossoms and deer and swan sculptures have been also set up.

West of Jiasong Road S. and Nanqing Road, a green sculpture covering 480 square meters catches the eye. With high-rise, scroll and flower patterns, it captures the “science innovation, culture and ecology” of the district.

“It combines flower shrubs like maple and camellia and other plants such as violet on the sculpture and its base, creating a three-dimensional landscape,” said Wang Zhoufeng from the management company.

The sculpture also features elements of the China International Import Expo when lit up at night, and there is a track alongside the sculpture, providing leisure space for nearby residents.

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